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Shorting fiat with Bitcoin since 2016

Learn about Bitcoin and how to protect your wealth in the broken monetary system.

What and why?

Short Fiat

With over 10 years of experience in Traditional Finance (TradFi), working for both banks and insurance companies, Swiss Hodler has the expertise to effectively short fiat currencies with Bitcoin.

Bitcoiner since 2016.

Broken System

Swiss Hodler understands the flaws in the current fiat-based monetary system driven by the central banks.

By leveraging Bitcoin, I'm providing you with the knowledge and tools to protect your wealth from the pitfalls of the traditional financial system.

Bitcoin = Passion

I am passionate about educating individuals and businesses on the power of Bitcoin. With me, you receive comprehensive Bitcoin education. This helps you understand the potential of this revolutionary digital asset and take control of your financial future.

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The Bitcoin Blockchain




If you are planning to create generational wealth, choose wisely.

Short Fiat, Long Bitcoin. Simple playbook.

Study Bitcoin and you might start questioning our current monetary system.

Avoid alcohol. It's part of the matrix.
Study Bitcoin. You might learn something valuable about computers and money.
Bitcoin consumes only a tiny fraction of energy compared to fiat banking system.
In Bitcoin Standard, money can't be printed to fix the mistakes of the greedy bankers. 
Always think of Bitcoin. Maybe it will think you back.
Fiat is the Titanic, hyperinflation is the iceberg, Bitcoin is the lifeboat. 
Study Bitcoin. You might get surprised how deep the rabbit hole goes. 
Inflation caused by money printing by central banks eats your purchasing power. Every day.
Work in fiat, buy Bitcoin.
Take care of your Bitcoin. Remember: Not your keys, not your coins. 
Bitcoin liberates you. 
1 BTC = 1 BTC
Study Bitcoin. You can invest 100 hours if maintaining your wealth is important to you. 
Fiat is toxic. 
Buying a Spot Bitcoin ETF is a good first step but Blackrock owns your coins. Not you. 
Who ever said that Bitcoin doesn't generate any jobs...
Yeah, don't follow. Don't learn. 



I was talking to Rabbit Hole Stories about my Bitcoin journey.



I was talking to Robin Seyr about the importance of HODLing.



The real amount of gold
The real amount of gold on the planet can’t be audited.

Bitcoin  is audited every 10 minutes.

There is no second best.
Bitcoin is scarce

Bitcoin is scarce, and its supply is fixed.

More gold can be mined when demand increases.

Bitcoin is easily transferable
Bitcoin is easily transferable around the world in minutes at a low cost.

Gold is not easily transferable.
Bitcoin can be stored securely
Bitcoin can be stored securely with minimal space and effort.

Gold requires significant space and security measures for storage.
Bitcoin transactions are transparent
Bitcoin transactions are transparent and traceable on a public ledger.

Gold transactions are often opaque and difficult to track.
Bitcoin is divisible
Bitcoin is divisible into very small units (satoshis), making it easy to handle microtransactions.

Gold is not easily divisible for small transactions.
Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network
Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network, reducing the risk of manipulation by central authorities.

Gold markets can be influenced by large entities and governments.



Bitcoin Education

Swiss Hodler is committed to spreading awareness and knowledge about Bitcoin. I offer comprehensive Bitcoin education services to individuals, businesses, and institutions looking to understand the fundamentals, benefits, and potential of this revolutionary digital currency.

The educational programs are designed to cater to different levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced users.

I will guide you through the intricacies of Bitcoin, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding and acquire the necessary skills to navigate the Bitcoin landscape with confidence and security.


Bitcoin as a Treasury Asset

Implement the MicroStrategy playbook for your company! In August 2020, MicroStrategy took the innovative approach of adopting bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset. It was the first publicly traded company to pursue this strategy.

Explore the potential of Bitcoin as part of your financial strategy. Chat with me to understand the benefits, risks, and best practices of incorporating Bitcoin into your treasury, providing a modern approach to asset management.


Buy with Relai!

Buying bitcoin was never this easy and if you use my code SWISSHODLER your fees will be reduced by 0.5%!  
Download the app here
Relai is a Swiss Bitcoin-only app offering a super easy way to buy and manage Bitcoin with a non-custodial wallet.
Take your Bitcoin out of exchanges before it's too late!

The Ultimate Hardware Wallet!

Ultimate convenience with Trezor Safe 5 Bitcoin-only Hardware Wallet!
Comes with a vibrant color touchscreen & confirmation haptic feedback. Experience crypto security on an entirely new level.
  • Enhanced usability with a 1.54” touchscreen
  • Secure Element, PIN, passphrase protected
  • Crypto management with the Trezor Suite app

Be your own Swiss Bank!

Become your own Swiss bank and get a state-of-the-art, Swiss-made hardware wallet from BitBox!

Start enjoying the freedom and independence from banks through self-custody of your Bitcoin!


The Best Seed Phrase Backup!

Stainless steel plates harder than a NOKIA 3310.

Indestructible quality with a pen-sized electric engraver.

Xellox provides the easiest way to write on metal.

Get yours HERE with a 10% discount! 


Join Orange Pill App!

SwissHodler invites you to sign op to Orange Pill App!
Find Bitcoiners, Bitcoin Events, and Merchants near you.
The Orange Pill App is a unique platform designed for the Bitcoin community!

Bitcoin Runners

An open-source project at the intersection of two community-led movements enabling sovereignty of one’s wealth, while improving one’s health.
Follow the Bitcoin Runners: 

Bitcoin Skiers

Bitcoin Skiers is a global, permission-less, borderless skiing club that is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin and encourage more people to experience the life-changing benefits of skiing.

As a sister/brother club of Bitcoin Runners, we are at the intersection of two social movements, empowering individuals to have sovereignty over their wealth while improving their health.

Join us as we combine the thrill of skiing with the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin, creating a community that embraces freedom, adventure, and financial empowerment.
Follow the Bitcoin Skiers: 


Who is Swiss Hodler?

Hi! I'm Peter, better known as Swiss Hodler in the Bitcoin community. I'm an entrepreneur and a passionate Bitcoin educator based in Zurich, Switzerland. With over 10 years of experience in traditional finance, I have witnessed firsthand the flaws in the current fiat-based monetary system.

My mission is to empower you take control of your financial future by providing you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the world of Bitcoin. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the world of Bitcoin, Swiss Hodler is here to guide you through the process.

I am really passionate about educating and orange pilling individuals and businesses, helping them understand the benefits of Bitcoin and its potential to reshape the financial landscape.

Join me on this journey of financial freedom and discover the power of Bitcoin!

p.s. I also love sports and have founded the Bitcoin Skiers, a global, permission-less, borderless skiing club that is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin and snow sports.


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